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Topic: CFX-Maximizer

Posted Tue 03 Nov 20 @ 3:15 pm
why is it not available for Mac?

Posted Sun 06 Dec 20 @ 8:38 pm
MDJ2513Home userMember since 2019
Hello Engineers, i love this plugin, help me please, sometimes this fx not function and the song is muted or silenced when FX is activated, until i turn the knob to left or right or deactivate FX, then the song can be heard.

I think this occurs after MS Visual C++ update, i dont know if this is the cause, but after unistall it same symptom. Please help.

Posted Thu 10 Jun 21 @ 6:56 pm
we wait the 64bit version

Posted Tue 29 Jun 21 @ 4:51 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
oO? both pc32 & pc64 exist since initial version

Posted Tue 29 Jun 21 @ 5:25 pm
I am running VDJ 2021 PC build 0732.1894 Pro License on an Windows 10 HP laptop (64-bit) and just installed CFX-Maximizer via the Extensions options of VDJ. The program worked fine the first time I installed it, but on successive launchings of VDJ, it does not work (in fact, when you enable it, it turns off the sound from that deck). I "uninstalled it" (i.e., deleted the DLL/ini file in the VDJ folder where it was stored on my C: drive) and reinstalled it, but the behavior is the same. I noticed that there are two install versions listed on the VDJ website for this extension (one says Windows, the other Windows (32-bit). I'm wondering if the Extensions installation app in VDJ is picking the wrong version for my PC when it installs? The install did place the CFX-Maximizer.dll in C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\VirtualDJ\Plugins64\SoundEffect folder, so I assume that is the correct folder. Any ideas?

Posted Sun 17 Jul 22 @ 5:13 pm