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Topic: Change the Stems option for where the Stems data is saved?
I'm trying out the new VDJ2021 this stems function is awsome I have I've run it on a few tracks and noticed it's producing huge VDJSTEMS Files in my music folders! For one song its 29,721kb! larger than the MP3 music file! Is there a setting in VDJ where you can instruct VDJ to save this stems file elsewhere? like in a library area as I don't want these stems files cluttering up my music hard drive or I'll very quickly run out of space on that drive? Thanks in advance

Posted Mon 29 Jun 20 @ 4:47 pm
VDJ doesn't have to create those files. It's an option. You can just have VDJ analyse each song live as it loads.

Posted Mon 29 Jun 20 @ 4:49 pm
There is only really a need to save stems if your system is not capable of processing them 'on-the-fly'.
It was never intended for Stem files to be saved for every track on the drive.

Also it's worth remembering why the track size is so high. Its effectively 5 copies of the original track split into its respective stem.

Thats not to say that moving them won't be possible in the future. But currently they must stay in the folder with the original document.

Posted Mon 29 Jun 20 @ 4:56 pm