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Topic: Create VDJ Playlist from Charts (Billboard, Beatport, UK Official)
A tool to produce playlist based on official charts and what is available in your database, has been made available here:

It's a CLI tool that uses Node.js (easy to install - just follow the instructions in the link above).

It can be used to produce playlists or simply to view what's on the charts. You can set ranges, search tolerance using advanced Jaccard algorithm to find tracks even if they are not exactly matching and more. User charts are also supported for Beatport and date/week for Billboard and UK Official.

Please note: only tested with Windows. It may or may not work for Mac...

The options are:

Example - to make a playlist based on Billboard Hot 100 run the following in the command line:

vdjcharts --chart billboard --name hot-100

A playlist is now saved in VirtualDJ's "Playlists" folder. For Mac:

vdjcharts -c billboard -n hot-100 --out path/to/playlist.m3u

To list all available chart names for a chart type:

vdjcharts --list beatport

Let me know if you get any problems or something doesn't work.

Posted Sun 12 Jan 20 @ 9:45 pm
This is awesome!!

Really hoping this works on the Mac side!!

Posted Mon 13 Jan 20 @ 4:09 am
Updated with support for DMC top 20 radio chart. They seem to use id based static pages so not so easy to find a pattern here. Improved caching mechanism and some other minor fixes.

This is awesome!!

Really hoping this works on the Mac side!!

Thanks. Thinking about it I doubt the first version will work with Mac since it autoloads all databases which currently is only supported on Windows.

However, I added a new option "--database" so Mac users can manually specify a path to a database.xml file. I cannot test since I don't have a Mac :) I will see if I get the time to setup a virtual machine with Mac during the week so I can run some more tests there).


vdjcharts -c dmc -n top-20-radio --database x:\VirtualDJ\database.xml

Posted Mon 13 Jan 20 @ 8:02 am
Well I installed the JSON thing since there’s a Mac version but I’m not clear on how to open your scripts??

Posted Mon 13 Jan 20 @ 4:18 pm
It's pretty straight forward:

1 - make sure Node.js is installed. This is the engine. It's install and forget, just use the defaults. See

2 - after it has been installed, open terminal /cmd and run (important to open command after installation as node is added to PATH so you can run it from anywhere):

npm i -g silverspex/vdjcharts

That's it (you may have to accept installing git since the package is on github). The last line is also run to update vdjcharts.

In the same terminal, try to run:

vdjcharts -h

to see options.

I just set up a virtual machine. The high sierra image was corrupt, the catalina refuse to connect to internet no matter what setting. Before new year my HD with the old mac high sierra VM failed. Seems like Windows has some allergy against it. I will check back on this regarding Mac support during the week, but I think (hope) that you should be able to run it using the --database <dbpath> on Mac.

Posted Mon 13 Jan 20 @ 5:14 pm
Ok that’s much better, I’ll definitely give this a go tonight and report back.

Posted Mon 13 Jan 20 @ 9:59 pm
Sorry I did t get to it last night but I’ll try tonight.

Anyways I have a question, can this be made to pull from a Spotify playlist ??

Posted Tue 14 Jan 20 @ 3:29 pm
slyraguPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Download link is broken - 404 page not found?

Posted Wed 15 Jan 20 @ 6:32 pm
Yeah its dead now, he must of removed or something.

That sucks because I think its pretty close to working on the Mac side.

Posted Thu 16 Jan 20 @ 5:23 am