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Topic: Upgrade VDJ 8 to 2020 for Reloop Touch?
Whats' the process for upgrading V8 included with the Reloop Touch to the current 2020 version?

Any tips appreciated!


Posted Mon 09 Dec 19 @ 7:18 am
I actually haven't tried my Reloop Touch with VDJ2020 yet, but I will...

Do you mean technically, including touch screen and touch screen keyboard?
Because I can probably test that tonight if you would like me to

Or do you mean regarding the license (I can see you have the OEM license).
That I can't really test, because I have the pro infinity license (from before I got the Reloop Touch)

Posted Mon 09 Dec 19 @ 9:44 am
Looks like you're already running 2020 and the most current public build!

2020, is just another name for v8.4.

Posted Mon 09 Dec 19 @ 11:24 am