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Topic: Sampler should respect Gain (when routed to a channel)

I noticed that the sampler does NOT respect the gain/volume setting when it is routed to a deck.
Even when samplerApplyEffectsOnDeckOutput is set to yes.
Allthough it DOES respect the EQ, why doesn't it respect the gain?

For some people this could be confusing in their workflow...
And others would like to route the sampler to a channel because they don't have another possibility (or an extra knob) to change the volume of the sampler.

If the sampler is routed to a channel, it should respect its gain-setting.
AND it should also be an independent gain setting...
Meaning that the gain of the channel should now become to the sampler_volume_master knob...
It should just respect the (independent) gain-setting of the channel, just as it would do if this was a channel on an external mixer.


Posted Thu 25 Jul 19 @ 2:15 am