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Topic: We should talk about cloning & some TakeoverModes.

If I work on a controller and clone a deck, the GAIN of the original deck gets cloned to the destinated deck.
At first this seems logically, but there are some troubles when it comes to the controllers Gain-knob.
For example if someone wants to change the gain (on the destination-deck) after a deck was cloned,
then it depends on which mode his controllerTakeoverMode is set to.
But this setting also affects every other knob, not only the gain-knob.

- I personally like the 'pickup' mode, which would mean I have to pickup the gain first - not an ideal solution.
- If someone likes his TakeoverMode set to 'instant', the gain could cause some serious problems.
- 'Gradual' is the most user-friendly way to go, but this means I have to work with this mode on every knob AND I can't even rely to what I see on my controller, I always have to check the display first, to see if the controller-knob is on the same position as the software-knob.

For spontanious movements (or maybe drunk nights), this could cause annoying situtations.

So I think you see what I'm going to ask for...

PLEASE! I BEG ON MY KNEES! Give it an option to NOT clone the Gain AT ALL!
(And as we talk about this, to be uniformly: The same option for the EQs - to clone or not clone the EQ - would be nice, too. In case someone wants this.)

The Pitch has it's own TakeoverMode-option.
I think the Gain-Knob is an also important knob that deserves it's own TakeoverMode-option, too.
This feature is not soooooo important, but could be useful for some people.

Third (and maybe the most useful for the whole software in general):
An 'absolut' mode for the controllerTakeoverMode would be a great extension/addition to both (or all three) options.
So the software-knobs would be locked to the controller-knobs at any time!
This has a great potential regarding the workflow in general, as the software is always confirm with the controller.

I hope you understand my background and the potential of this ideas!
And so I hope to see some (or all) of this this features in the future builds!
Thank you!

Posted Thu 25 Jul 19 @ 1:23 am