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Topic: Song Keys in Virtual DJ.
NJMC21Home userMember since 2016
So basically I wanted to know why Virtual DJ always changes the keys for the songs I use, I've been using virtual dj for some time now and Im constantly downloading music, as soon as I download a song I type down the song key next to its name, for my own purpose of having order in my mixing and to mix harmonically, but every time I add a new song the program keeps changing the keys, for example recently today I added a song to a deck to know the Key, it said 02A, I was recently practicing , added it and it changed it to 12A, why is this happening its so annoying especially when mixing live! Please help me! SOS.

Posted Thu 26 Apr 18 @ 10:37 pm
Do you have keylock on?

Posted Thu 26 Apr 18 @ 11:39 pm
NJMC21Home userMember since 2016

Posted Fri 27 Apr 18 @ 10:31 am