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Topic: rememeber pitch?
is there a way to get VDJ to remember the pitch control settings for a given song so that it loads up accordingly? (similar to how it can do so with the gain controls)

Posted Sun 22 Oct 17 @ 6:38 pm
AFAIK there's only 'reset pitch on load', but I guess you could add a POI to each track if you needed a specific range or value for that track.

Posted Sun 22 Oct 17 @ 7:15 pm
what is a POI? and how can one add it?

Posted Sun 22 Oct 17 @ 8:07 pm
You've been here for six years now. Read the manual!

Posted Sun 22 Oct 17 @ 8:10 pm

i was just asking this question on behalf of a friend

thats a very rude way to talk to someone GroovinDJ

Posted Sun 22 Oct 17 @ 9:04 pm
What about Right Clicking the Track and selecting Edit BPM and setting it to whatever you want

Posted Sun 22 Oct 17 @ 9:09 pm
if im understanding correctly what you are saying, changing the BPM in the "BPM editor" just changes the native BPM that VDJ thinks the track goes by (presuming VDJ guessed correctly to begin with ), and changing it will just confuse the software
it doesnt actually speed up or slow down the song.

Posted Sun 22 Oct 17 @ 9:19 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
If you want to always play a track at something other than quartz lock the sensible idea would be to, rerecord that track at the new pitch.

Posted Mon 23 Oct 17 @ 6:10 am