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Topic: Become failure message missing dll in VDJ 8.2 Pro Infinity Buildt 3663 (Early Access)
Become failure message missing MSVCP140.dll in VDJ 8.2 Pro Infinity Buildt 3663 (Early Access)
Before there i have no Problems with 3638 and the Other Version.
Can you say me what this missed dll is ?

greatings,Dirk alias vlnjacki

Posted Wed 22 Mar 17 @ 4:48 pm
All good VDJ 8.2 Buildt 3663 Starts now ,The Message comes not more
have found out that this Message come while i have installed a Plugin.
When i installed the Plugin,the messaage comes Back.

greatings and thanks ,Dirk

Posted Wed 22 Mar 17 @ 5:01 pm

Posted Wed 22 Mar 17 @ 5:06 pm
Hello DS-Musik
Thanks for Tip,Hint and Link,will download it at home an test it.
Very nice thanks


Posted Thu 23 Mar 17 @ 7:31 am