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Topic: virtual dj le 7.0.5 tracklisting +mac
i install on a new macbook pro (i5 8gb 256ssd) the virtual dj le 7,0.5 (7.4.7 crashes).. i play songs to test it.. then i open the traclisting folder (user>username>virtualdj>tracklisting) i find the .m3u but when i open it from virtual dj (the traclisting folder) its empty...any idea (sorry about my english)

Posted Fri 16 Dec 16 @ 8:24 pm
Has it worked before? Because I know browser/search functionality is one of limitations in the LE version, so maybe it's simply not included
If it has worked before with the LE version, make sure that your user has the correct rights to access the files (an issue like that could also be why 7.4.7 crashes)
Finally: There is a date bug in all version up until v. 7.4.7, which became very noticeable after Jan. 1th 2016. That may also have something to do with it

Other than that I don't think a lot of us will be able to help you.
v7.0.5 has been unsupported for a long time (it's from August 2011), and I don't think a lot of people have access to it anymore

Posted Sat 17 Dec 16 @ 3:51 pm
at windows worked and yes its an old version but the controller (djazz pro) is still in the market

Posted Sat 17 Dec 16 @ 7:24 pm
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Posted Sat 20 Jan 18 @ 9:48 pm