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Topic: HS5500 custom mapper

Posted Wed 10 Dec 14 @ 3:10 am
The coding maybe little crude in places so if you have any suggestions about tidying up or, new improvements, new functions etc. please leave a comment.

About buttons functions (LAYER, MIDI, and PLATTER all work by default):

DISPLAY MODE: Browser on/off, shift: sideview windows scroll
NEXT FILE: toogle looproll mode on 1, 2, 3; long press: slip mode
1, 2, 3: hot cues, shift to delete
MEMO/PRESET: shift while pressed
A1: loop in; pressed while in loop - set loop in point with jog
A2: loop out; pressed while in loop - set loop out point with jog
B: save/call saved loop; long press - delete saved loop
FLIP: toogle smart loop mode (led on when smart mode on)
A/B TRIM: jog mode loop move
EXIT LOOP: exit/reloop. also set wheel mode to jog
TITLE/C-FADE: sort by title/artist/genre/bpm. Long press: id3 editor of selected song in browser; long press+shift - id3 editor of song loaded on deck
CONT./SINGLE: add highlighted song to automix; long press - automix
PLAYLIST: add highlighted song to sidelist; long press - switch focus to sideview
FX KNOB: double/half loop; also change parameter when in edit mode (read along, it will clear up)
FWD/BOTH: smart scratch
TAP: tap; with shift - enter beat grid edit mode. press again to switch betwen moving bars, and setting first beat with FX KNOB. press FX KNOB to exit edit mode.
ECHO/LOOP: Loop 4, press again to halfen loop. +shift to double (as in CDJ2000's)
FLANGER: wheel mode: search
FILTER: stutter; +shift - smart play
D.SYNC: sync.
DEVICE: pitch lock (TAP led starts blinking)
TRACK KNOB: long press to unload the song; +shift to set wheel mode to jog
BACK: long press - go to Playlists folder
FAST SEARCH: +/-4 bars
KEY ADJUST: pitch reset; long press - master tempo (LED indicates)
PITCH/RANGE: pitch range; long press - pitch reset slowly
PITCH BEND: +/-16 bars; +shift +/- 1 semitone (ther's an indictor on LCD)
BRAKE: activate BrakeStart effect; long press to enter edit mode and use FX KNOB to regulate fx lenght (diplayed on LCD in seconds). press FX KNOB or BRAKE to exit
DUMP: dump while pressed
REVERSE: reverse

Again, if you have any questions or suggestion, please leave a comment. The main purpose of posting this mapper was to show how much potential the HS5500 has and share some cool (IMHO) ideas for mappings.


Posted Sat 13 Dec 14 @ 1:04 pm
I need to give this a try. It looks interesting!

Posted Sun 14 Dec 14 @ 3:13 pm