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No it's not possible. It's been asked for many times but never implemented.

Posted Tue 21 Jul 20 @ 5:54 pm
Hi would be nice if we could write the beat grids and cue to file tags as an option .

Posted Wed 22 Jul 20 @ 12:48 am
I'd like to see Waveform Previews in the Browser, "waveform previews" are additive when you want to see songs ahead of loading , or simply to pair or organize within the list, based on your cue points, peaks, drop alignment, and how you organize your music. Being able to see the track preview in the browser (with cue points noted by color) would be additive and welcomed. Happy to discuss, Rekordbox has something similar.

Posted Wed 19 Aug 20 @ 9:39 pm
Inside the Automix (or Sidelist?), we can already see:
- quantity of songs
- total time of the songs

My request is for the ability to see:
- cumulative total time of the selected songs

If I select 4 out of 10 songs (CTRL Select or SHIFT Select),
I want to see the total time of those selected songs

( It's like selecting a few separate files in Windows OS, and in the Explorer view/pane,
you can see the total file size of those selected files )

Posted Sat 22 Aug 20 @ 4:13 am
You can already do that. :-)

Select your songs, then open the tag editor. It will show multiple values, but, at the bottom it displays number of files and total duration.

Posted Sat 22 Aug 20 @ 5:50 am wrote :
Select your songs, then open the tag editor. It will show multiple values, but, at the bottom it displays number of files and total duration.

Yes, are right.
I can already be done.

To me, it's just a 'round-about' way, because I was hoping for something "elegant"
where in the browser pane or somewhere inside AutoMix, it could show the total time of the selected songs (CTRL + Select, or SHIFT + Select).

Anyway, your suggestion will work for me too :-)

Posted Sun 23 Aug 20 @ 11:26 am
- Add the ability to edit tags directly in the browser, a separate window is not a very convenient solution
- Add multi-tags so the highlighted tags can be on the line, like social networks

Posted Mon 24 Aug 20 @ 9:03 am
Max1mizer wrote :
a separate window is not a very convenient solution

Not convenient, or not the same as a competitor's software?

Have you actually used the tag editor? It is much more convenient, because it's very easy to edit multiple files at once, and gives access to all the tags of a file in one window.

Posted Mon 24 Aug 20 @ 9:26 am
That's exactly what is "keeping" me with RekordBox .... i wish that feature will come SOON !!!!!!

VDJ Monty wrote :
Hello from Germany

I love VDJ, because it has so many functions with macros and different cue types and so on. The last and only single reason, why i cannot change from Rekordbox to Virtual DJ is: Virtual DJ has no "My Tags" and no instant filters to sort an existing playlist with them custom tags.

So i want to propose this as a feature request.

Sorting on Rekordbox: Here is the custom tag list, if i mark a song on the browser, i can see immediateley what tags are checked and I can check or uncheck some of them tags very quickly with a mouse click (better would be with midi). It is also possible with multiple marked songs to check them all together:

Searching at Rekordbox: I can search quickly by enabling one or more tags at the playlist filter above the list:

So i can quickly seach all songs with the tags "80ies" AND "90ies", with the content ("Italo" OR "Italo Disco") AND for the situation ("wedding" OR "club") without need to use my keyboard. This is a very flexible way to find song that match different criteria. No playlist and no predefined filter list can archieve this.

The only way that ive found on VDJ is:

Sorting on VDJ: I need to open the Tag Editor and i need to type in all matching custom tags into the comment field by keyboard. Its not possible to edit multiple songs, because it would overwrite existing custom tags at the comment field, if some of them songs have some custom tags already.

Searching on VDJ: I need to add a filter list on the left side, i need to change the scope to "database" and i need type in the custom tags into the filter field.
You see, this is impossible during a gig.

Its not a big problem if the DJ knows every song of his database and if he is specialized to one genre as example a Hip Hop DJ.
But a wedding DJ needs to have multiple genres at the database and he will not do a wedding every weekend. So he needs to remember a huge amount of songs and over a longer period of off-time. And he needs to change his sort and filter criteria immediateley if the guests are requesting different things.

Posted Thu 27 Aug 20 @ 2:12 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014

Posted Thu 27 Aug 20 @ 2:40 am
ymed85PRO InfinityMember since 2020
Please insert a alert message when adding a track already present in the playlist

exemple message:
There are duplicates being added to the playlist. Would you like to add duplicates or skip them?


Posted Thu 27 Aug 20 @ 9:36 pm
There is possible to edit cover doing double click it on info tab?

Posted Fri 11 Sep 20 @ 11:32 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
good idea,
as well as tag editor from info tab and double click a field to make it editable

Posted Sat 12 Sep 20 @ 2:29 am
I don’t want use the mouse for this. Better would be to press the load button again to force it. This can be done already with a variable.

Posted Sat 12 Sep 20 @ 9:41 am
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