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Topic: VDJ Soundcard error windows XP

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hello i just recently bought the VMS4 and I have VDJ 7.0.5 newest version, Im using a laptop with windows Xp Service pack 3 2 Gb ram, 16Bg in memory FREE, Most of the memory is in use For my Fl Studio music making, i have all the right credentials for VDJ to work, "But when i set up my sound setup nothing works When the VMS4 IS ON" some settings work, but make my crossfader play one side of the deck and not the other i fiddled with the channels and everything but it was the same concept except another setting would make the opposite side of the deck play and not the other plus none of the knobs for master volume bass treble ect work in this setting below for me.

Inputs: none
outputs: external mixer
sound card: 4.1 card

i know these settings arent the correct settings.
i have downloaded the VMS4 sound driver and even asio4all, But when i change the Sound Card to VMS4 or to asio when the VMS4 is on, a message pops up on my computer saying.
virtualdj_pro.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

error signature when i click "to see what data this error report contains it says. AppName: virtualdj_pro.exe AppVer: Offset: 000251b0 blah blah blah

i went to a friends ran this set up on his windows 7. sound settings were
Inputs: none
Outputs: external mixer
sound card VMS4
and it worked great...
Then when i got home tried it on my XP and it was an epic Fail. Wondering what the problem could be...

my guess is i need a better laptop with windows 7?
some one help me out?

Posted Tue 06 May 14 @ 9:17 pm
7.0.5 is not the latest version. 7.4.1 is currently the most up to date release.

Is it a Pro version on VDJ or an LE Version.

Posted Tue 06 May 14 @ 10:13 pm
Its the full version Lol and your right 7.4.1 is. i dono why my virtual dj didnt let me update it said it was the latest version. i installed the new version but it gave me the same error report. and it then shut down my VDJ like always.

Posted Wed 07 May 14 @ 6:41 am
RobRoyPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2012
simple anwer: register your version at "My Account" and you will get the update to the current version...

Posted Wed 07 May 14 @ 6:48 am
We always recommend running the latest version.

If you register your serial number HERE

Then you can download the latest version. After that it's easier to help you detect the problem.

Posted Wed 07 May 14 @ 6:49 am
i just installed the newest version gives me the same problem

Posted Wed 07 May 14 @ 6:58 am
Where did you get the new version from?

Pirated or cracked software can often hold malicious software and can cause things not to work as expected.

I am not saying this is what's causing your issue. But if you have downloaded a pirated version, it can make it difficult to resolve your issue.

Posted Wed 07 May 14 @ 7:04 am
NVM got it working on the 4.1 sound card! thanks for the help mates

Posted Wed 07 May 14 @ 7:15 am

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