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Topic: [Error in the ASIO sound driver: Your soundcard is probably not connected, or the settings are incorrect.] DDJ WeGO - Page: 2

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BEFORE starting VirtualDj open your Windows sound configuration and make sure that your controller's soundcard is NOT used by Windows as the default Playback, Recording or Communications device. In other words, that it DOESN'T have any green icons on it.

After that it should work.

Posted Fri 11 Apr 14 @ 5:21 am
hi i bought my ddj wego of ebay and it didnt come with the disc and when i did the download of the pioneer website its saying your ddj wego is not connected whats going on its in my laptop and in the ddj wego help me please its stressing me out i am using windows 8

Posted Mon 23 Feb 15 @ 5:47 pm
Hallo :)
Wen ich Virtual Dj öffne ersheint das Bild nicht als desktop sondern bleibt in der

Posted Sun 16 Oct 16 @ 6:38 am

Posted Sun 16 Oct 16 @ 8:47 am
DanncazHome userMember since 2017
please.. someone found the solution?

Posted Fri 10 Mar 17 @ 3:59 pm

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