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Topic: MidiFighter mapping and VDJ script question - Page: 3

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I haven't really got time these days sorry stevie, study is more important. I finish in a couple of months though so I could have a look at it then, otherwise check djtechtools forum (not the maps website).. I think someone posted a mapping on there.

Posted Sun 04 Nov 12 @ 7:55 pm
Cool, cheers, will have a look for it.

Posted Fri 23 Nov 12 @ 3:24 pm
synthet1c: i'm resurrecting this thread, only thing i tried doing in my mappings was sticking with what effects vdj has built in. hopefully in the future they will add more, so the fun was kind of limited. and as you stated in another thread, yeah they have uped the mf and everything it can do. being the fact it has 3 side buttons on each side (spectra and mf3d) i think im going to use those buttons as a shift button so other things can be used.

the mappings i posted @ djtechtools and @vdj were merely just a starting. and i plan on uploading my "remixed" versions, as i don't actually use any buttons for play/pause/cue as i have a vms4.1 and i just use the mf along with it.

im going to take a look at all your scripts and if you don't mind possibly use some, or if you want to dl and check out my mappings, spectra would be fine, and see if there could be improvement that would be awesome.

thanks and take care


Posted Sun 31 Mar 13 @ 6:07 pm

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