Welcome to VirtualDJ's CloudLists

Welcome to VirtualDJ's CloudLists.

The CloudLists are a place where DJs can show their playlists to the world, and help new DJs improve their music selection. You can create your own CloudList to display your own list, or you can ask to join more general CloudLists to start to contribute to larger groups.


Party Classics (TOP20 - Automatic) This cloudlist can get filled by many users to create a TOP20 chart list!
Do you want to participate and create a cloudlist based on many users?
I will activate you as a Feeder if you send me a message after subscribing to this cloudlist.

How can you feed this cloudlist?
2. Set [Yes] at "Internet/sendHistory" option
3. Play a gig
[!] Please, do not joke around or play music randomly!
4. Log in to
5. Choose [My Sets] at your menu bar
6. Move to your "Played Set" of choice you want to feed and click on it
7. On right hand side you will find a box: [CLOUDLIST]
8. Choose these playlist
9. Click on [SEND]
10. It's easier as it seems after reading this instructions

As I know, if you're offline but your "sendHistory" option is activated your played set will transmit to when you're online again.

#Germany;#birthday;#party; #wedding

Automatic CloudList (top 20) This cloudlist is public


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