VirtualDJ 5.0 (19 August 2007)

New browser:
  • Coverflow
    (The covers are stored in the song's folder, as hidden, nammed "songfilename.mp3.jpg", so it's easy to edit or add some yourself)
  • Covers are downloaded asynchronously
  • Complete ID3 compatibility
  • New columns (right click on a column to see the list)
  • New File Info window to deal with all tags things.
  • New "in-place" search engine : the search database now fills itself automatically when you browse songs (every songs that vdj sees is automatically added to the search database, no need to "scan HD" anymore)
  • New search options
  • The search is now integrated into each folder (no "local database" folder anymore). The search result will display the results from that folder in the upper part, and the result from the rest of the database in the lower part
  • New filter folders
  • Audio/Video/Karaoke filter
  • Automatic search database scan
  • seamless iTunes and Serato integration
  • By genre browser
  • Better playlist managment
  • Database copies are saved on each harddrives and merged on-the-fly when a new harddrive is connected (also virtual folders are added/removed when harddrives are connected/disconnected, and same for the results in the search, that only shows songs on connected harddrives)

New Automix:
  • "one-deck" automix
  • smoother transitions in smart mode
  • new transition modes

New features:
  • new Timecode engine (based on plugins. See the new SDK)
  • new config option: SaveUnplayed
  • database file is now named "virtualdj database v5.xml"
  • can scratch small samples
  • new timecode option: "ClearSound"
  • new entries in the registry
    - HistoryTimer: gives the number of second a song needs to be played before beeing marked (unlike vdj 4.3, the songs need to be actually played, not just loaded)
    - TracklistCutHour: Inside the History folder you have all the tracklisting sorted by day. But since parties usually span before and after midnight, by default vdj will store songs played until 9am in the previous day's playlist.
    - IgnoreDrives
    - ZeroDB : By default it's 8231 (makes 0db on soundcard)
  • new query: BrowsedFolder, BrowsedTitle, etc
  • new video plugins: Titler & Clipbank
  • new actions: recurse_folder

Small improvements:
  • VISTA compliant
    (all skin/plugins now go in the "My Documents/VirtualDJ" folder)
  • new MIDI interface
  • sidelist gets some new shortcuts
  • better cue and loop accuracy in TCCD mode
  • Icons and buttons can be customized in skins (look for CustomIcons and CustomButtons in the provided default skin)
  • sort and recurse are now modal
  • Tracklist playlists are in the Tracklisting folder instead of Playlist

Bugs fixes:
  • fixed bugs in sort
  • RipDVD & Ripvinyl bug corrected

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