VirtualDJ 3.0 (22 May 2005)

New audio features:
  • improved audio engine stability

New video features:
  • brand new video engine: 10 times faster
  • fully integrated video within skin
  • video transitions: cut, blend, zoom, cube
  • text color, size and position selectable
  • slideshow for still image or visual plugins

Skin changes:
  • from now on, Virtual DJ is compulsory on all skin. Use <logo> <size ..><pos ..></logo>. Min size is 100x25 (recommended is 177x43) and can't be covered by other elements.
  • skin files can be in .gif, .png, .jpg, etc...
  • all new skins need to set <skin version="3">; in order to use new features
  • <skin x="" and y="">; in skin for different multiinstance backgrounds
  • panels can be nested (<panel id="myid" panel="parentid">)
  • <video source="master|channel|text|background">; to define preview windows for the video mixer

Bugs corrected:
  • crash when scratching hard with timestretch enabled at the beginning of a song definitively corrected
  • sound skips when updating song title on radio broadcast

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