VirtualDJ 1.09 (03 April 2004)

Bugs fixed:
  • DJConsole fader range bug corrected

New features:
  • Invert soundcards option
  • 7.1 output option added in soundconfig
  • XP10 commands mapper
  • Can drag'n'drop filelinks from windows to vdj
  • Stop goes to last used cue
  • Fade length=none option to play songs from start to end
  • Search filter in all directories
  • Search database integrated as a directory-tree item
  • "Recurse" option in folders' rightclick-menu displays all subdirs files
  • Ogg vorbis compatibility
  • "NoModifFiles" entry in registry forbids any file modification
  • Can copy/move/delete multiple files at once
  • Keep bpm/comment/etc infos when rename file from inside vdj
  • New skin layout (full version only)
  • Loop_in bug corrected
  • Right-click on beatlock does atomix-like beatmatch
  • "File info" menu on file rightclick shows bitrate and ID3tag infos
  • "Bring to listview" button in playlist added
  • Compatible with all AtomixMP3's effect plugins

New actions:
  • "browser_switch"
  • "browser_updown"
  • "browser_open"
  • "edit_cuename"
  • "empty_buffer"

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