i describe myself as me. or as someone who has a little bit of blood in their caffeine stream.

and i hereby promote myself to: Professional Redneck Babysitter


DJ-Norton.H wrote on Sun 19 Mar 17
No one more annoying than you
tycoonentertainmentcanada wrote on Sat 17 Jan 15
where is your club? looks nice
dJ_ro_(ecu) wrote on Sat 15 Jan 11
A;adido a mi lista de amigos... Saludos...
DJ Marcel_1 wrote on Fri 10 Jul 09
I listened to that mix. WOW that was long but pretty damned nice.
wildcountryclub wrote on Sat 20 Jun 09
now on twitter. twitter.com/jammer2isme
i had no idea i was this trendy!
wildcountryclub wrote on Wed 17 Jun 09
looking for feedback on mix in latest blog. feel free to add some constructive criticism. warning - i did "zone out" while mixing and lost track of time. its over 2 hours long.
fatkatzdj wrote on Tue 09 Jun 09
wha, wha, whats up ma ma ma man... th, th, thanks for th th the add
MCJULI wrote on Sun 22 Feb 09
Hi, i add you :)
DjMorpheo22 wrote on Thu 15 Jan 09
Hi, I added you, so you should confirm on my home page =D Thanks !
DJ Marcel_1 wrote on Tue 13 Jan 09
Cool dude, Glad you liked it.
Rune liked it as well - he put it on the playlist for VDJ radio channel 2

Nice to hear positive feedback from other DJ's.
TODO MIX wrote on Wed 31 Dec 08
en este cambio de año deseo todo lo mejor en felicidad, suerte, para ti, tus amigos y toooooda tu familia!!! a la distancia te envio agradecimientos por dejarme ser parte de tu circulo de amigos qui en esta comunidad!! vFELIZ AÑO 2009 PARA TI!! QUE DISFRUTES EL CAMBIO DE AÑO!!
vj angelo wrote on Thu 25 Dec 08
Merry Christmas :))
DJ-ALF wrote on Thu 06 Nov 08
Thanks for add ;)
vj angelo wrote on Sat 18 Oct 08
Thanks for add
by Vj Angelo =>> Musica Per I Vostri Occhi <<=