Been Dj ing off and on now for almost 30 years. Found VDJ ands have a renewed vigor and interest in Djing again. Wish we had this technology years ago, I may have never left. Last year picked up a couple of corporate gigs, not too much rust and the rest is history. Now with VDJ I got the rust off and starting to mix again like the old club days and entertaining the crowds. Feels good to be Back.

ok in the time from logging in to the VDJ community have gotten 2 residencys and 3 corporate clients. They have been keeping me hopping across the great state of PA. Got my wife AND 12 yr old grandson started. Since we are on the east coast they are psyched about their first DJ Expo in Atlantic...

waltworek friends



tayla wrote on Tue 18 Mar 14
Cheers for the add
DJ Zibs wrote on Mon 05 Aug 13
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the SOUND INSURGENT wrote on Sat 27 Jul 13
Thanks for the add, holla at any time.