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virtualtfe friends



DJSECANO wrote on Mon 05 Oct 09
yo whats up im back, hows ur mixin goin still using hercules?
virtualtfe wrote on Mon 31 Aug 09
sorry,...i come back to the hollidays ...and begin to the night session...jejeje
DjMorpheo22 wrote on Sun 26 Apr 09
Hi, I added you on my friend's list ! ;-)

Bye ! Morpheo
DJSECANO wrote on Mon 02 Mar 09
yo, ur the first person i added to my friends list. im sec,i just got a hercules rmx. how do like it?
MCJULI wrote on Sat 21 Feb 09
Hi, i add you :)
DJ ABART wrote on Wed 18 Feb 09
However is beautiful! But it is not sports as the Abarth! :)
audio000 wrote on Tue 17 Feb 09
Stopping by to say hi.
tayla wrote on Thu 12 Feb 09
thumbs up from the uk...
DJ ABART wrote on Thu 12 Feb 09
I'm from Italy!... Canary, very good islands!
DJ ABART wrote on Wed 11 Feb 09
jimmy b wrote on Mon 09 Feb 09
Canary Islands, very nice part of the world to live mate, been there a very times :)
jimmy b wrote on Mon 09 Feb 09
Thanks for the add mate :)
spinnaJ wrote on Mon 09 Feb 09
Hi thanks for the friends request, have a nice day;)