I'm a party freak! I love music, I love to dance, rocked at almost every techno,tec-house,hardhouse parties all around Portugal between 2000 until 2008, DJ'ed has an hobby and played live in private parties,and small clubs for birthdays, xmas, new years eve, I started Dj'ing with a alecto pro137+cdj100+Discman, then Traktor 2+LG LapTop+behringer dx626 > Traktor3+LG LapTop+behringer bcd2000 > upgrade to > TraktorPro/DJDecks+Asus DC2.2 LT+VCI-100+A2DJ > upgrade to > VDJ8+Stanton...


djescotampa wrote on Tue 03 Nov 15
i have virtual dj 8 infinity and i cant find a skin for my stanton scs1d unit ... do you know anyone that maybe created one ?
the SOUND INSURGENT wrote on Sun 11 Jan 15
Thanks for the add bro!