Native NYKER transplanted South in 1976. Me and the fellas bought Hip-Hop and the club mix south with us. Was a radio jock from 1981-1989 put the Sat night mix show on the air in the 80's. Saw the birth of Hip-Hop in Da Boogie Down. Remember Pete DJ Jones, Cool Herc and Grandmaster Flash? Yeah I remember partying in Haffen Park with those dudes. Did the Club scene in Alabama, used to Rock em. Miss those days. Sold all my equipment, Still have the Phase Linear Amp although a channel is blown. Sold my Cerwin Vega Speakers my TT's and gave my cousing all my wax. I mean thousands of dollars. Started DJing again on line in my bedroom with MP3s. Bought an MKII first, Then Santa bought me an RMX. Did a couple of parties and now I have the bug again. It's fun to be creative again.

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djcity wrote on Fri 04 Feb 11
I know you posted on my wall a Looooong time ago but....WUZ Goooooood!!! I graduated from EV too. 1986.