Just a father of 5 who happens to spin records and books a show or 2...............

Resident DJ at the 21st Amendment in Sioux City, IA. OpenFormat for the most part but my heart lays in Trap and Hip-Hop.

I also teach what Ive learned over the years and I myself am still learning this craft. Ive meet a lot of names over the years both big and small and Im grateful for everything Ive done thus far.

the SOUND INSURGENT's played sets

 Sat 10th Feb 2018Sat 10th Feb 2018
 Colice Sweet 16Sun 21st Jan 2018
 Friday night in the SiouxerSat 20th Jan 2018
 Cancer Benefit Sat 11th Nov 2017
 McCully Wedding Sat 21st Oct 2017
  Sykora WeddingSat 22nd Jul 2017
 Sat 24th Jun 2017Sat 24th Jun 2017
 Eboli's Bday bashSat 24th Jun 2017
 Behren's WeddingSat 27th May 2017
 Upstairs on a Saturday night.Sun 14th Aug 2016
 21st Amendment Sat, 30th 2016Sun 31st Jul 2016
 Sat 7th May 2016 @20th St TapSat 7th May 2016
 Rize & Grind 👍 Sun 24th Apr 2016
 Bored.....Sun 10th Apr 2016
 Just a mix of stuff you've probably played and listen 2...Sun 3rd Apr 2016
 All Request nightSat 26th Mar 2016
 Party Up Set (well it got em jumpin)Sun 20th Mar 2016
 Nothing Special ......Sun 13th Mar 2016
 Quick Get Down [Kinda Chill]Sat 12th Mar 2016
 Quick Hit Trap BreakSun 6th Mar 2016
 Party Up set from the 21st AmendmentSun 21st Feb 2016
 20th St. Tap (25 & Up Night)Sat 20th Feb 2016
 Barber Shop pt.1Sat 16th Jan 2016
 Trappy.......Sat 5th Dec 2015
 Just a mix of nothing.............Tue 1st Dec 2015
 Breakfest Throw down.............Sun 29th Nov 2015
 Nothing Special.......Just messing around.Wed 25th Nov 2015
 Sun 22nd Nov 2015Sun 22nd Nov 2015
 Sun 22nd Nov 2015Sun 22nd Nov 2015
 Sat 14th Nov 2015Sat 14th Nov 2015