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deanthomas101 wrote on Mon 18 Jun 18
I have a traktor S2 MK1 I am trying to use with VDJ 8 Pro. The right deck is working properly, but the left deck won't work properly in Vinyl mode. I press play, the track starts, and when I touch the jog wheel the track stops playing. I am very sure this is a midi mapping issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
timothy1974 wrote on Wed 30 Aug 17
I am a Pro Subscriber, pay monthly for service, and I am trying to use Maschine Mikro MKII with Virtual DJ 8, can you help with this?
indiglorush wrote on Sun 06 Aug 17
Can you make a mapper for Maschine MK1. I would be interested in using Maschine with VDJ8. I am a Pro Infiniti User. - I would like to use it with My Pioneer Ergo, but implement it to trigger pads or samples as you might use a Pioneer DDJ-SP1. Any thoughts on that? Given the fact that Roland has that DJ 808, I would like to be able to incorporate my Sequencer/Drum Machine into my mixing much the same as that controller does. Wish we could assign VDJ Decks to midi Channels and time clock. But using Maschine as a Sampler controller along side of my controller would be dope. Not sure if this completely makes sense, been drinkin a bit tonight, not gonna lie, lol But the idea is there....
djdippy wrote on Sat 26 Nov 16
Do you have a mapping for Machine controller mk1?
I´m a pro user of VDJ. Thanks!