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1 | var '$nested' ?
2 | --->var 'deeper' ?
3 | --->--->var 'crazydeep' ?
4 | --->--->--->nested &
5 | --->--->--->deeper &
6 | --->--->--->crazydeep :
7 | --->--->nested &
8 | --->--->deeper :
9 | --->nested :
10| not nested &
11| this happens at the end

use this in your mapping
var '$nested' ? var 'deeper' ? var 'crazydeep' ? nested & deeper & crazydeep : nested & deeper : nested : not nested & this happens at the end

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this is the title

stuff \t tabbed stuff
1 | param_smaller 50% ?
2 | --->effect 'filter_sbdj' active on &
3 | --->effect 'filter_sbdj' slider 1 &
4 | --->effect 'rollit' active on &
5 | --->param_add 10% &
6 | --->param_multiply 200% & // comment
7 | --->effect 'rollit' slider 3 :
8 | param_greater 50% ?
9 | --->effect 'filter_sbdj' active on &
10| --->effect 'filter_sbdj' slider 1 &
11| --->effect 'rollit' active on &
12| --->param_invert &
13| --->param_add 10% &
14| --->param_multiply 200% &
15| --->effect 'rollit' slider 3 :
16| effect 'filter_sbdj' active off &
17| effect 'rollit' active off

use this in your mapping
param_smaller 50% ? effect 'filter_sbdj' active on & effect 'filter_sbdj' slider 1 & effect 'rollit' active on & param_add 10% & param_multiply 200% & effect 'rollit' slider 3 : param_greater 50% ? effect 'filter_sbdj' active on & effect 'filter_sbdj' slider 1 & effect 'rollit' active on & param_invert & param_add 10% & param_multiply 200% & effect 'rollit' slider 3 : effect 'filter_sbdj' active off & effect 'rollit' active off

created by synthet1c

1 | var 'something' ?
2 | --->var 'shift' ?
3 | --->--->stop &
4 | --->--->effect select active off : // comment
5 | --->play ?
6 | --->--->loop 4 : // comment
7 | --->loop_exit :
8 | var 'shift' ?
9 | --->play :
10| pause

this is a heading

this is a heading

this is a heading

this is a heading

[code]var 'mf' ?
--->doSomething :
doSomethingElse // comment
stuff in blue
--->something in green

stuff in the heading
var '$shift' ? true : false

stuff in the heading

var '$shift' ? true : false

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To get the Icon idj to work on two separate channels you will need to use the imap software provided with your idj to change some of the midi messages from standard, there is a file included with this mapping that you must load to access the controllerist mode.

You can get the imap software on icons website -
save the idj mapping.icon file to your desktop

Step 1 – choose the idj as your midi device

Step 2 – load the icon file from your desktop

Step 3 – send the data to your device, when done correctly your
idj will flash


This mapping also uses a four free vst effects as well as lot of vdj effects that you will need to download and install before using the idj. Vst plugin .dll files need to be placed in Your Name\My Documents\VirtualDJ\Plugins\Sound Effects

Vst Effects Required

VDJ Plugins Required -

  • 3p delay
  • backspin
  • Beatmasher single
  • Beatslicer
  • Brake
  • EFX1000 Delay
  • Flanged loop out
  • Flanjet
  • Gate
  • Gates
  • Gate Echo
  • Loop & Roll
  • Multitap Delay
  • Noisebell
  • Ramp Delay
  • Rollit
  • Trans

You should also update C++ runtime library’s, to ensure all the effects work as designed.

VDJ Config

Security – I have this disabled because I have mapped in a safety that will not load a playing deck unless you hold “shift + play” for longer than 2 seconds, I annoys me if the warning comes up, as you are unable to okay the warning with this mapping unless you hold for a further 2 seconds.

FX Reset on Load
– this needs to be disabled to be able to use the vst equalizer plugin.

Auto Headphones – I prefer to make my own selections of the active deck otherwise the effects will change to the wrong deck should you load the opposite deck, The headphone crossfader is mapped so if the position is higher than 50% the right deck will be selected, or below 50% the left deck will be selected.

layer 1 – Vinyl Mode

To use this setting you need to press the “layer” button in the middle of your idj, and then press the “mash 1” button.

This setting is for using the vinyl mode button for scratching, it is using the basic internal eq of VDJ so not the best sounding of the two settings.

The controller is laid out in two decks with the middle section focused on the currently selected deck, not both decks at once. As above this is selected by moving the headphone crossfader.

Most of the functions are self explanatory, the only thing is that the crush/flanger and gate/trans knobs aren’t a combination of two effects they use the different sides of the knob with 50% being both effects off. Also with the “Trans” effect when that is active the mash buttons will control the size of the cut as shown in green

Red represents shifted actions, and blue represents the action when a track is looping If pressing the shift2 button and turning the jog you will finely change the loop position The resonance of the filter can be adjusted by pressing shift and moving the filter knob

Browsing is done by holding shift and scrolling with the jogwheel, using the shift and the two lower
corner buttons you can navigate through the folders, songlist, playlist and sidelist.

To load a deck press shift and play if the track is stopped, or hold play for 2 seconds if the deck is playing to load a new track.

For an instant build up press and hold the shift2 and move the volume slider from the top to the bottom. Moving downwards activates the looproll effect decreasing the size of the loop while moving also using the noisebell effect for white noise. There is an issue in the mapping that I am unable to fix at this time, to avoid this happening hold the shift2 button and slide the fader back to the top, at which point the noisebell effect will turn off.

The middle pads also operate under two different shifts, one for the beatslicer and one for the Feedback Delay “EFX1000 Delay”. The following Diagram shows the functions.

The Beatslicer Is mapped to capture an 8 beat loop when you press any of the buttons for the first time, you are then able to jump to any beat of the recorded loop. If you wish to record a new loop you need to deactivate then reactivate the effect.

The roll size will control the size of the loop you are playing when jumping around the beats. The Feedback Delay Is a destructive loop that you can manipulate while playing, then if you return to the largest size, in this case 4 beats, you will replay the pattern you messed up… It is a lot of fun.

The Character knob controls a filter of the recording, and the Depth knob controls the amount of feedback and therefore the length of the effect before fading out. If you want a constant loop, leave it at the maximum level

In cue juggle mode you have access to 8 cues on the active deck. The cues will only play while you are holding one of the 8 buttons, if you let go the track will stop, to keep the track going you need to be holding one of the 8 buttons and press either of the play buttons. If you wish to delete the cues for any reason you need press either of the cue buttons and the corresponding cue point button you wish to delete.

The juggle cues will be renamed “juggle 1 – 8”, however they are using cue points 11 – 18 if you are modifying a skin.

In this mode there is a known issue of the cue and play buttons not functioning as normal, this is unavoidable if using these buttons for this function, but it is not too much of a concern while I have been using it.

You are able to change the type of effects on the top 2 knobs in the middle of the device by pressing shift and selecting the setting you wish from the bottom row of the grid. The left knob can be either “crusher/flanjet” or “3P Delay /noisebell ”. The right knob can be either “gate/trans” or “gate_echo /gates ”.

layer 2 – Mix/Controllerist

This is the fun mode that lets you either mix with high quality audio, or mess up songs with effects or both… Most of the functions are the same as the first setting, however this utilises The pristine equalizer plugin from minimal systems instruments. There is an issue with using this plugin with scratching, so to make up for it I included 9 different jog fx modes.

When using this layer you are unable to browse through songs, or pitch bend in jog fx mode. So to do either of those functions you must press the button to disable it.

In this mode you are also able to adjust the eq cutoff frequency, by pressing shift2 and moving either the low or high eq’s, if you wish to restore the eq to the default setting I have made, press shift2 then the cue button.

To choose the different jog fx you need to press shift2 and the relevant button

Filter – when touching the touchpad the filter will reset, from here you are able to turn the jog backwards for a lowpass filter or forward for a highpass filter.
If you wish to leave the filter on you can press shift before releasing the touchpad. The filter will stay the same until you press and then release the touchpad again.

Crush – when touching the touchpad the crusher effect will reset to 0%, from here you are only able to turn the jog forwards to decrease the bitrate of the track giving you a standard bitcrusher effect. On release of the touchpad the effect is deactivated, however the crusher will remain active if you hold shift and release the jog.

Trans – this effect has 3 functions, when you press the touchpad the track will cut every ¾ beat, moving backwards makes it cut every ½ beat, or moving forward makes it cut every ¼ beat. On release of the touchpad the effect is deactivated.

3P delay – when touching the touchpad the crusher effect will turn on. It will delay at a rate of every ½ beat, this can be changed while the holding the jog but it sets at this size by default. Turning the jog forwards will increase the wet sound. If holding shift the effect will remain active, otherwise it will deactivate on release.

Ramp Delay – touching the touchpad will turn on the ramp delay effect at a rate of every ¾ beat. Turning the jog forward will increase the wet signal, backwards to decrease. This effect also utilizes the bottom four grid buttons to change the size and the pitch of the feedback delay. The first button in the grid will change between ¼ and 1/8 and the last button in the grid will change between 1, 2 and 4 beats.
This is a very versatile effect that can also be used to replicate a post-fader echo if you do not change the sizes. If holding shift the effect will remain active on release of the touchpad, otherwise it will turn off.

Rollit – This is an effect based on the pioneer cdj400, I have mapped it so it copy’s pioneers functionality, however this effect hardly ever works on tracks over 100bpm which is very unfortunate because it is an amazing effect to have. Pressing the touchpad will engage a ¼ beat loop roll, Moving the jog forwards will increase the size and playback speed (pitch) of the roll, and moving the jog backwards will decrease the size and playback speed (pitch) of the roll. Releasing the touchpad will deactivate the roll

Gate echo – This effect activates on pressing the touchpad and echo’s at a rate of every ¾ beats. Moving the jog forwards will decrease the gate frequency. On release the effect will deactivate

Multitap – This will activate the effect at a rate of ½ beats, Moving the jog forwards will increase the wet signal. If pressing shift on release the effect will remain active, otherwise it will turn off.

Instajungle – This is to replicate the rollit effect, it does exactly the same thing but doesn’t have the range of pitch that rollit does, and has issues of its own, I haven’t found the cause of it, but it will usually stop working after around 3 uses.

I will look at updating this to be just an effect controller on a different setting, If I have enough midi addresses to utilize for it, but this should be fun for now, and all for about 100 bucks :), and you will do yourself a really big favor by getting larger knobs for the 6 eq’s and the crusher/flagger, gate/trans, they will provide just enough space to really use this controller. Standard 6mm D-shaft fits them, although
there isn’t a lot of length for the knob to fit so avoid raised ones.

A big thanks to Duen – Duen & Tex_ZK, as without their amazing array of effects this would not be possible.

Any feedback or suggestions of new features feel free to contact me on the vdj forum.

Now stop reading and go and have some fun with your awesome toy…