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Macbook Pro 2,8 ghz 16 GB ram


solve0105 wrote on Sat 16 Jul 11
Numark NS6 works perfectly and for me, even better than Serato.. VDJ rocks!
solve0105 wrote on Thu 17 Sep 09
Cant wait to upgrade to the new Mac 6.02 software tonight. I've used the VDJ software at aprox 20 gigs now.. It's the best tool ever.. And now I'll probably turn to the VJ business.
solve0105 wrote on Thu 17 Sep 09
Had my first VJ gig yesterday. Used the old 5.01 Mac version. It was GREAT.. The crowd loved it.
solve0105 wrote on Wed 17 Jun 09
I've used the VDJ 6.0.1 beta for Mac on my first gig now. Two word: LOVED IT!!