Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Rafi grew up in a musical and artistic environment. His father has been an announcer, actor, and producer for radio, TV, and playhouses in the island for more than 50 years. At a very early age, Rafi was surrounded by actors, announcers, musicians, and people related to the show business. He used to accompany his father to rehearsals and many different gigs in Radio and TV shows. Since then, he developed a different ear and taste for music and a different perspective towards the show business.

Rafi's father used to tell him; "you need to fine tune your soul". Following this philosophy,...

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rafiantonio wrote on Wed 19 Aug 15
Carino, bro
Un abrazo y espero nos mantengamos en contacto. Perdona lo tarde de mi mensaje y me puedes encontrar en FaceBook. Un fuerte abrazo, salud y bendiciones siempre
carino4 wrote on Mon 27 Apr 15
hola como estas I see you like the same type of music I do. like your profiled
I give you A+