hello world :). my names hannah. im only 13 years old and music is my life.i live in flagstaff, az. i just got a hercules mixing table. i love music. i listen to everythi9ng and anything! and all i ever do is think about how i could mix and make song better. so i decided, what the heck, to try it out. i havent ever mixed before so i hope in the next month i will be able to figure this thing out. haha! since im new and all, if any one has any suggestions for me i would appreciate it :) thanks.

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dj bernel wrote on Tue 17 Jan 12
wish you all the best in 2012. have fun enjoy the djing.....
Seana23 wrote on Fri 17 Jun 11
wheres all ya mixes babes... been waiting with baited breath...
djburromex wrote on Thu 14 Apr 11
hi im from az. and you know what? keep with the hercules and you will good :)
Seana23 wrote on Mon 28 Feb 11
Done any mixes yet babe... cant wait to hear one!!!

DjMorpheo22 wrote on Sat 19 Feb 11
Thanks for the add !

tayla wrote on Tue 15 Feb 11
Hey Hannah, thank you for the add and welcome to the club, just added you also....
Cheers... Paul.
Braenzu wrote on Tue 15 Feb 11
Thx 4 add and welcome in the jungle ;-)
Blulite wrote on Tue 15 Feb 11
Seana23 wrote on Mon 14 Feb 11
Hi Hannah... thanx for friending me... WOW!!! 13 years old!!! how FAB...
When you get a mix toghether let me know and i'll happily give it a listen...
i post mine here in the Music Discussion page and on Soundcloud (DJ GeneDefekt (CrySis), check em out...
i'ze friended you straight back!!!

gribouillon wrote on Mon 14 Feb 11
Hello and Welcome ,-) Mais je parle fran├žais si jamais ,-)))
Haui70 wrote on Mon 14 Feb 11
Thx and welcome! :-)
the SOUND INSURGENT wrote on Sun 13 Feb 11
Thanks for the add! Practice, practice, practice!!