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medancefloor wrote on Wed 07 Aug 13
drop outs, slow loading....
using parallels on a macbook pro, with audio2dj, after updating to vdj 7.4 the problems came, tomorrow a big gig, total panic here, please help me, thanks a lot in advance
medancefloor wrote on Wed 18 Jan 12
Anyone out there using "Audio 2 DJ" without anything else?
I've got VDJ 7, pro basic, the problem is that I can't get the crackling out of the sound, it sounds like bad quality vinyl. I'm running it on a macbook pro, but in Windows.usefull help would change my life! Thanks, Medancefloor
medancefloor wrote on Wed 18 Jan 12
Dutch female musicjunk living in India, 54 years old, played with vinyl for 37 years.
Became a member of this community because I have some soundproblems, fortunately not with my ears! Chiao, amigo's da musica.