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 Use V8 to find duplicate files

Sun 13 Nov 16 @ 12:31 am

Out and about, forgive the lack of formatting.
A short discussion with Prof Lee lead me to ponder...
can VDJ script save some pain for database management and duplicate files... and what do you know it can.... a bit

How to find "some" duplicate files with less pain in V8

Presuming that your duplicates have the same file name but a different file path, we can make a database filter folder and check for duplicates via script. It's not perfect but it's better than manually finding them.

Create a filter folder; call it "file names"
write the filter rules like this
group by file name

make the scope "database"

A keyboard key to the following script
browser_window "folders" & browser_scroll +1 & repeat_start 'rsiTrawl' 33ms & file_count & param_greater 1 ? repeat_stop 'rsiTrawl' : browser_scroll +1

Before we start clean your database [left hand vertical tool bar]

click your filter folder to open it, It will that a good few seconds.
Press your keyboard key...
VDJ will run down the list of file names at 30 per second, when it finds a file name that has 2 or more files in it the script will stop, waiting for you to decide what to do, to restart the script after deciding, press the keyboard key again.

It's not perfect it does depend on your file names, if you have a lot of hip hop you'll find "Artist - intro" will come up as a false duplicate, but it does save some pain.

I got though 8000 tracks finding about 30 duplicates in 20 minutes.

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