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 Tip; Using 2 pad pages on 1 deck at the same time

Fri 28 Oct 16 @ 9:50 am

Something I've started doing is using 2 pad pages on 1 deck at the same time.

Example phantomdj's keymodplay page is great for changing the key of a hotcue.
but you get much more control if you have a pad page devoted to hotcues and a pad page devoted to key.
We're playing deck 1, we have the standard hotcue page on deck 1, on deck 2 we make a new pad page devoted to the key of deck 1.
pad pages don't specify deck because it is presumed you'll be controlling the deck that has the pad page selected.

but you can specify which deck it effects by simply including which deck.

Other scenarios using 2 pages at once is useful is for hotcueing new tracks, have hotcues page on deck 1 and on deck 2 have a pad page dedicated to deck 1 'goto' scripts so you can jump 64/86/128 beats quickly to lay the next hotcue

I'll leave it at that for now but if you want more information post comments here