Respect to all djs. I'm from the beautiful island of JAMAICA and now residing in the USA.
I started djing in JAMAICA when i was about 13 yrs old with tape decks. Then i got one single belt driven turntable with no pitch control. Making people dance and having fun on a dance floor or in a back yard is what makes djing fun for me. Now with over 25 years of playing and listening to music i hope i can add another 20+ years It's something i really enjoy doing.


Dj Imperial_gr wrote on Wed 06 Aug 14
Hello mate,

I have been informed that this is fixed in the latest beta version (Shift problem).

If you don't get beta builds, but want to, go to the settings and set getBetaBuilds=yes

I have just tested it and it works.
DjMorpheo22 wrote on Sun 07 Mar 10
Well, that's strange, the "clone_deck" function should normally make the deck play... It works for me, on my Total Control...! I'll try ;)