I've started playing music first time in the youtcenter, switching channels on the amplifier between vinyl and tape; cd's just came out and where 2expensiv 4 a 14year old boy... 10Years later i discovered hard-/house, psy-/goa-&trance/partys@factorys and saw the technics turntables with the possibility for mixing everytime 2 traxs continously after each one!
Suddenly the boring dicotheque-style was death for me, now nobody could stop me anymore and the technoscene had a new inspired soul!! My age reached then 24, two years later i had my first set on a party witch one we organised with two friends of mine. Again 10 years after, mixing with CD's become standart and the players i still could'nt affort, so i buy the hercules mixconsole with...

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