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tadaryl wrote on Thu 28 Jul 11
Hey Jaako,

I have the Denon MC 6000 and a Mac laptop.. The controller was working great after the first firmware update in Feb. I started having issues with my jog wheel after the April firmware update. When I have a song looped on one deck, I can't back spin the song out on the other deck. I can back spin with effects but I can't back spin with the jog wheel. The jog wheel works great when only one deck is spinning but it will not back spin when 2 decks are spinning. I'm starting to think it's a jog wheel mapping issue in my VDJ setup. What do you think the problem is and if u think its mapping will you send me a screen shot of ur mappers for the jog wheels.

Thanks in Advance,

Eccles2005 wrote on Wed 18 Nov 09
Hi Jaakko, I have a schema that apperas to work, let me know if you still need this
Tjeck1972 wrote on Thu 19 Mar 09
Hi you wrote that you have recorded video mixes. I cant make i work:-( Please tell me what codec are you using. Thanx