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drzinc friends



slimcox1 wrote on Mon 07 Mar 11
Hey DRZING I added u to my friends list
bryantpb wrote on Sun 16 Nov 08
Where is "This Place" for the gif files?
drzinc wrote on Thu 04 Sep 08
Gif files! Just found this place!
tayla wrote on Fri 29 Aug 08
worked it , i'm such a numb nut, thanks anyway
tayla wrote on Fri 29 Aug 08
hey zinc how in the hell did you get that file from xara to work, i've tried gif, avi, mpg the bloody lot and still can't get it to go, any help would be appreciated
discobrian24 wrote on Fri 29 Aug 08
What is the filetype of the avatar u are using made from xara