Check Out my House Mix 2013 at www.soundcloud.com/djdannyd28 and follow me on
InstaGram: djdannyd28
The website is still under construction....


drodriguez79 wrote on Thu 14 Nov 13
Checkout my mixes on www.soundcloud.com/djdannyd28 and follow me on InstaGram: djdannyd28
drodriguez79 wrote on Thu 26 Jul 12
bigike21 wrote on Tue 02 Aug 11
Hey All! It's Ike(A i Productions) visit my site @ www.aiproductionsmixtapes.blogspot.com
drodriguez79 wrote on Sun 03 May 09
Hey wassup virtual dj, It's your man DJ FLACO, check out my website, www.reggaetonmuzic.com email me if you wanna post your muzic...later DJ FLACO
drodriguez79 wrote on Sun 15 Feb 09
Whats going on my people on virtual dj. A little about myself, i started dj'ing about three years ago and i started with virtual dj. I mostly like dj'ing reggaeton, salsa, merengue, bachata and hip hop. I just started with dance music and club music and i love it. Virtual DJ has been the best software i've ever used and i continue to use with my denons 3500 and Pioneer 909 mixer. I dj mostly for family occassions and when its a last minute favor for friends. Well thats all about me. Later Flaco