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Dolla_Debonair wrote on Fri 15 Aug 14
My bad I don't check my messages often but I see the guy before me answered your question before I could but I replied anyway so you wouldn't think I ignored you. Did you figure it out
DJRudeDoGG wrote on Thu 15 Aug 13
Sorry brotha man, I don't look at my home page that often, best way is to PM me. Video problems usually have to do with the the computer you're using. It may not be powerful enough. Simply upgrading the video card may not be enough. What are the specs of your machine?
djspankk wrote on Wed 24 Jul 13
ok now i been have issues with this virtualdj problem for a while i pay for it online i need some one out there help me r im doing some thing wrong here. i sent yall massage sayn im havn problems with this freakn virtual dj program NO RESPONSE BACK come on if some one payed a program online and haven problems yall should have a 24 hours phone line service r something this is crap. now the problem im havn with virtual dj pro is whn i mix videos on there it starts to stutter the videos laggs i have put new rams and a good upgrade video card call RADEON HD 6450. Let me know if im doing something wrong here. thank you.
djspankk wrote on Mon 22 Jul 13
i have a question. when i use my virtual dj video to mix the video starts to stutter and freeze WHEN I PRESS REC and when i un check the lil box saids USE HARDWARE ACCELERATION and i press rec it don't work so what i need to do to straighten this issue out i bought a new good video card and ram so what should i do djcel i been having this problem since couple months bro i see other ppl mixing videos and they don't have the same problem im having sir please help me i'm a member on virtual dj i bought this program here online.
hovik wrote on Sun 10 Jul 11
Thanks you for the add!!!!!!!!
DJ ABART wrote on Sun 01 Mar 09
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djpr1 wrote on Thu 26 Feb 09
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jimmy b wrote on Tue 24 Feb 09
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