With over 20 years spinning in some of the hottest nightspots, and a lifelong passion for all things music, truly loving what he does!

Owner of IGNITE ENTERTAINMENT. Providing DJ's KARAOKE & Music trivia hosting. Weddings, Stag & Doe's, Bars, Niteclubs, Corporate & private functions!

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godj30349 wrote on Mon 25 Feb 13
Hello. I noticed you have a couple of the Bose systems. How do you like them? Thinking about the same setup.
SuperAceMan wrote on Fri 18 Feb 11
Thanx for the add Rob. Always a pleasure reading your posts!
slimcox1 wrote on Sun 02 Jan 11
Happy new year lets link.
sands0214 wrote on Tue 15 Jun 10
Rob, I just started video mixing and i see you do quite a bit of it can you recommend any good legal video pools.