BEEN PLAYING IT ALL FROM THE AGE OF 15 YRS. YOUNG.. You remember that club on the southside called "ONE MORE TIME NIGHT CLUB" off Zarzamora and Malone streets, that was me D.J.ING for six plus years there. Had my own public access channel 20, TV show Called "ONE MORE TIME" AND some camios in the spinn off (RIP OFF) TV show "NIGHT LIFE".Also played at "EVAN'S ICE HOUSE" OFF Southcross and Mission Rd. On the SOUTHSIDE. Then "THE BUCK-IT" Night club, At the corner of Southcross Ave. and Quintana Road. I have many Weddings and Debuts under my Belt. Plenty house party rings TOO. I WILL HAVE YOU SCREAMING FOR MORE, BY THE END OF THE NIGHT....!!! I Play it all FROM SPANISH TO GERMAN MUSIC, LOL.. BELIEVE ME I PLAY IT ALL. YOU NAME IT, I'LL GET IT, BY YOUR REQUEST.

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djrage-satx wrote on Mon 12 May 14