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Contribution to the Community
Contribution to the VirtualDJ Community includes publishing skins and sometimes helping people out with topics posted on the forum.


djsampamix wrote on Wed 31 Aug 11
i was hoping to see that serato itch skin, did u ever make it?
djtyme209 wrote on Sun 22 May 11
did you ever make a serato itch VDJ skin ? if so shoot me the link please
wildcountryclub wrote on Thu 26 Nov 09
loop, bass, push, and beat. those are good dj dog names too! (and yeah, the party poopers locked the thread. bummer)
dj bk1 wrote on Wed 21 Oct 09
hey man great job on the skin but i have a quick question... i use the 1280x800 res version of overflow (which is awesome!) but i was wondering if there was a way for me to get the actual bpm in place of where the key is
av1613 wrote on Tue 09 Jun 09
Hi ya I just added you. Read you post abought what exactly has been improved in vdj 6 and kind of agreed with you. Never understood why people get so defensive over something just because somebody points out a flaw. Just accept and fix!! VDJ (5.2) had inferior sound qulity..fact! Still waiting for permission for a V6 update cos I am one of the CUE / Virtal Vinyl ofans.
chris07lex wrote on Sat 28 Mar 09
hey dj kz whats going man..i new to this so bear with me...i was browsing around our area and i guess your the only one who pop with proffesional edition. i was just curious where do you dj, i would lo lean how to dj just for fun only...i've been playing around with my my mixer but knda complicated...thnx bro..
victorsosa wrote on Sat 14 Mar 09
hey was up meng i dont know if u can help with this i jus recently bought a denon hd2500 but i can get it to upgrade i download it the version into my computer but i cant get it to the denon hd2500 i because ican get the denon dj asio driver to read it thank u
DHoude wrote on Sun 08 Mar 09
Thanks for the add, I checked out your site. Looks good, I hope to back to LA soon, probably won't though. Thanks for all the help too, take care and hope I can return the favor some day.
vj angelo wrote on Thu 25 Dec 08
Buon Natale:))
Merry Christmas :))
fatkatzdj wrote on Mon 20 Oct 08
Thanks for the add..
Escuerzo wrote on Mon 20 Oct 08
spinnaJ wrote on Sun 19 Oct 08
Hi thanks for the friend request and have a nice day;)
DJ Cyder wrote on Sat 30 Aug 08
Rune (dj-in-norway) wrote on Sat 30 Aug 08
thanx for the add ;)