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 Karaoke ZIP files versus VirtualDJ

Sat 17 Nov 07 @ 1:44 pm

Standard compression is "Zip 2.0"

If you try to use a higher compression "Zip 2.1", you have to know the following thing, clearly explained by Winzip:

1) VirtualDJ only reads Zip 2.0

2) MP3+G Toolz .NET uses Zip 2.1

3) To know the compression format with Winzip:
...a) Open the Zip file with Winzip (Classic interface)
...b) "File" -> "Properties"
...c) Click on the button "Details"
...d) Read the version here after "unzip software version needed to extract"

4) You can convert the format by unzipping and reziping the file with the normal compression (Zip 2.0)

5) If you have a lot of Zip to convert and want to convert all your zip files in once, you can use a software like Songverter

KJMikey1 wrote :

MP3+G Toolz uses the same alogrhythm as Winzip 9, all you need to do is go into options, zip compression in Toolz and set compression to normal (5=default compression). By default, it is set at 9-maximun compression.

As is the case with KJ, VirtualDJ will not play any zip files that contain comments in them. This is from my experience from using KJ for last couple years and from working with demo of VJ. Make sure you are using version of Toolz. Older versions will insert comment "Created by MP3+G Toolz" in the zip file.