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 Core Audio APIs in Windows Vista

Sun 10 Dec 06 @ 12:21 am

The core audio APIs are:

  • Multimedia Device (MMDevice) API
    Clients use this API to enumerate the audio endpoint devices in the system.
    => "For enumerating and managing audio endpoints"
  • Windows Audio Session API (WASAPI)
    Clients use this API to create and manage audio streams to and from audio endpoint devices.
    => "Very low level API for rendering audio, render/capture audio streams, adjust volume etc. This API also provides low latency for audio professionals"
  • DeviceTopology API
    Clients use this API to directly access the topological features (for example, volume controls and multiplexers) that lie along the data paths inside hardware devices in audio adapters.
    => "For discovering the internals of an audio card's topology"
  • EndpointVolume API
    Clients use this API to directly access the volume controls on audio endpoint devices. This API is primarily used by applications that manage exclusive-mode audio streams.

The audio core APIs are implemented in the Mmdevapi.dll and Audioses.dll system components, both of which run in user mode.

Here is a video to explain the new system:

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