dj t boogie
Dj T-Rock [aka] Dj T-Boogie [aka] Boogie

2 - sl 1200 mk2
1 - ttm57
Novation Launchpad
vdj pro
Traktor Kontrol Z2


Caliente123 wrote on Sun 26 Apr 09
Whats Up T Boogie. Its Caliente From Da NYC. Doin it prime time Go get that arab money. peace.
tayla wrote on Sun 08 Feb 09
passing by, just thought i'd say hello mate...
coolmixes wrote on Wed 07 Jan 09
Hi Hows the Karaoke going? Are you deep in Karaoke files? I'm heading down to Miami in March. Doing gigs mixing visuals.
tayla wrote on Tue 25 Nov 08
need anything making for the christmas period mate... let me know
dj t boogie wrote on Fri 31 Oct 08
goldenboy14: pm me;i pm'ed you
golenboy14 wrote on Tue 28 Oct 08
hey i was wondering if u could help me out....i have a ddm 4000 hooked up to a serato and 2 mk3 cdj1000 virtual dj works for like 4 5 songs and then the decks stop intereacting? any ideas?
tayla wrote on Wed 15 Oct 08
hi ya mate, how you doing... by the way i'm sizzling hot.... lol
dj t boogie wrote on Tue 02 Sep 08
"Who Hotter That Me?"