dj massi
In the early 90ties some buddies of mine got me into this. My services are provided with broad knowledge and experience along with honesty and customer satisfaction. With my gigs and top of the line equipment I have given the best entertainment for events and functions held through Europe. As a Professional, Experienced and Talented Disc Jockey that you can also book for your next party and make it a memorable one...

Gear / Music Equipment:
Lenovo G// Mixtrack Quad / Technics 1210 MK2 / DJM 500 Mixer /

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discotronic wrote on Thu 03 Feb 11
Hey Massi sorry habe Anlage selbst im Einsatz!leider.
discotronic wrote on Wed 12 May 10
Ah ganz vergessen!00436769404668
discotronic wrote on Wed 12 May 10
Hi Massi!
Hier DjHupo.Wäre an deiner Anfrage im Forum interressiert.

Da gibt es mehr info über mich bzw.uns ;-)
Schönen Tag noch :-)