dj fandos
Hola soy Marcelo Fandos, de Reconquista Santa Fe ARGENTINA. Soy DJ. desde el año 1997 y desde ahi no puedo hacer otra cosa mas que esto, actualmente soy dj de discos tocando con: virtual dj 7.4 + 2 technics mkII 1210 + timecoded vinyl + sl2 + reloop terminalimx 4 y macbook pro


DJACIDNYC wrote on Tue 30 May 17
hi dj fandos awsesome job been using that skin since you uploaded. question do you thin u can add the Harmonic KEY inside the deck or near will be amazing. keeo it up
kensmit wrote on Thu 12 Jan 17
hello there sir, i have been a fan for ever, computer burnt up. new computer now. cant find my favorite skin vinyl dj 1.2 any help pls
carlcharles wrote on Mon 25 Jul 16
Hello DJ Fandos, I also love your Skin and was wondering if you can please look into having options for the wall clock, as the time is only in military time, we would love to see the option in AM and PM as well, pls let me know when fix is possible
lovedani wrote on Fri 15 Jan 16
LOVE LOVE LOVE the skin and use it 5 nights a week in very popular clubs. I am having a problem when ever i try to enter any text in the search box for a song. your skin freezes. I am STUCK using the default VDJ skin, that doesn't compare to yours. Please help.and thank you thank you in advance. Cheers!
AsTheDJ wrote on Wed 18 Jun 14
Karaoke scratch dj fandos can you make this 4 vdj-8?
pochitodj wrote on Mon 02 Jun 14
Felicidades por el nuevo estado.. ;)
gabycorrea wrote on Sat 24 May 14
felicitaciones por nuevo status adelante colega saludos
cristian rodriguez wrote on Tue 13 May 14
buenas fandos esta chido el skin que posteaste para la version 8 ahi si se puede obtenerlo ?
yoshiosam wrote on Mon 10 Mar 14
buenas dj fandos ando buscando un skin de serato q creaste como podre conseguirlo gracias
cristian rodriguez wrote on Wed 18 Sep 13
hola fandos esta chido el skin de serato dj que publicaste la foto en tu muro de facebook
djrocky wrote on Sat 23 Feb 13
hola fandos un saludo hiciste un skin de serato 7.0.2 exelente felicidades,ojala lo pudieras compartir,te lo agradeceria mucho,de antemano gracias
reconquista wrote on Wed 16 Jan 13
cambia tu perfil! hoy en dia tenes muuucha mas tecnologia!
kokoro wrote on Tue 15 Jan 13
Hola, Fandos Mire Que Hiciste un Skin Nuevo De Serato para VDJ Como Lo Puedo Conseguir
espepe wrote on Thu 13 Dec 12
Hola amigo quisiera saber si tu tienes el skin de serato con VDJ que me le pudieras pasar gracias
DJ_Potter wrote on Thu 04 Oct 12
Felicitaciones x el nuevo status!!!!