dj dawn
Hi, I'm DJ Dawn, I've been djing long time, recently made transition to vjing and I can also offer karaoke too, (but not really my passion). Everyday I learn something new on the computer...sometimes I scare myself, that I'm so good......heee heeee....heeeeeeeeeee... oh yeah, being from Pittsburgh, I love the Steelers! (the top is one of my creations I made outta terrible towels) party on! Hey don't to forget to check out my musicgroup I created (link is below), check out some of my playlists!
Anyone djing a theme party, let me know, perhaps I can help you come up with a playlist...I like the challenge...


isyahtiger87 wrote on Wed 04 Apr 12
Hey been awhile there dawn. I am planning a theme ..torn between a 70's or 80's night at one of my karaoke shows . any thoughts.
dj bernel wrote on Tue 17 Jan 12
wish you all the best in 2012.... enjoy and have fun in the world of Djing.....
mayokun_fadeyi wrote on Sat 09 Apr 11
Really, am new & just cumin out, so pls can any1 help wit sum tips? i will appreciate it. thnks~
Seana23 wrote on Fri 04 Feb 11
Another Woman... here on VDJ... How lovely!!! I'ZE FRIENDED YOU Cos we're rare animals here on the forums...
What music do you play babes? and where are you???
Me... Brighton (UK) and Techno, Dirty-Electro and Dubstep...
farhanashraf wrote on Thu 20 Jan 11
slimcox1 wrote on Wed 05 Jan 11
Thanks for the add
kingkong4u16 wrote on Wed 17 Nov 10
Thank you for your help The party was a success
dj dawn wrote on Fri 26 Mar 10
Thanks to you all that have subscribed to my music group I created! Party on!
dj dawn wrote on Thu 04 Mar 10
Just put up a few new playlists I created, check them out within my music group...carry on troops!
TDBennett wrote on Fri 26 Feb 10
Here we go Steelers, here we go!!! Love the top. And the new music group you created for video is great. I'm an LE user so I don't run video through VDJ but I do show videos through media player. Not many VJ's in Central Arkansas so I haven't been able to get a pulse on the hot vids, this will help. Thanks again.
dj dawn wrote on Fri 12 Feb 10
People please remember to turn OFF the internet connection everytime you open the Virtual DJ program when just "practicing"or playing around, in configuration setup in the Internet tab* within Virtual DJ (check the "Disable Musicgroups for this session only" box), that will help with the MusicGroups songs that get suggested to DJ's while they are actually doing a real gig, and not something that doesn't flow with the mix. After you are done practicing and/or come up a playlist you want to keep to play in the future, save it and then close Virtual DJ then reopen the program but this time leaving the internet tab alone* (it automatically is ON unless disabled every time you open Virtual DJ), play your saved playlist and this process will have you contributing that playlist mix to any musicgroups you might be a feeder for.
*You must have an internet connection. Party on!