Hi there...
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I've been DJ for over a decade, starting out at regular decks and turntables, and later converted to digital djing somewhere down the line..

I work as a proffesional DJ at clubs around Europe, and here is some stuff about the DJ side of me :

dj-in-norway's played sets

 Fri 8th Sep 2017Fri 8th Sep 2017
 Sat 2nd Sep 2017Sat 2nd Sep 2017
 Fri 1st Sep 2017Fri 1st Sep 2017
 Sat 26th Aug 2017Sat 26th Aug 2017
 Fri 25th Aug 2017Fri 25th Aug 2017
 Sat 19th Aug 2017Sat 19th Aug 2017
 Fri 18th Aug 2017Fri 18th Aug 2017
 Sat 12th Aug 2017Sat 12th Aug 2017
 Fri 11th Aug 2017Fri 11th Aug 2017
 Sat 5th Aug 2017Sat 5th Aug 2017
 Fri 4th Aug 2017Fri 4th Aug 2017
 Sat 29th Jul 2017Sat 29th Jul 2017
 Fri 28th Jul 2017Fri 28th Jul 2017
 Sat 22nd Jul 2017Sat 22nd Jul 2017
 Fri 21st Jul 2017Fri 21st Jul 2017
 Sat 1st Jul 2017Sat 1st Jul 2017
 Fri 30th Jun 2017Fri 30th Jun 2017
 Sat 24th Jun 2017Sat 24th Jun 2017
 Fri 23rd Jun 2017Fri 23rd Jun 2017
 Sat 17th Jun 2017Sat 17th Jun 2017
 Fri 16th Jun 2017Fri 16th Jun 2017
 Fri 2nd Jun 2017Fri 2nd Jun 2017
 Sat 27th May 2017Sat 27th May 2017
 Fri 26th May 2017Fri 26th May 2017
 Sat 20th May 2017Sat 20th May 2017
 Fri 19th May 2017Fri 19th May 2017
 Fri 12th May 2017Fri 12th May 2017
 Sat 6th May 2017Sat 6th May 2017
 Fri 5th May 2017Fri 5th May 2017
 Sat 29th Apr 2017Sat 29th Apr 2017
 Fri 28th Apr 2017Fri 28th Apr 2017
 Sat 22nd Apr 2017Sat 22nd Apr 2017
 Fri 21st Apr 2017Fri 21st Apr 2017
 Sat 1st Apr 2017Sat 1st Apr 2017
 Fri 31st Mar 2017Fri 31st Mar 2017
 Sat 25th Mar 2017Sat 25th Mar 2017
 Fri 24th Mar 2017Fri 24th Mar 2017
 Sat 18th Mar 2017Sat 18th Mar 2017
 Fri 17th Mar 2017Fri 17th Mar 2017
 Wed 15th Mar 2017Wed 15th Mar 2017
 Sat 11th Mar 2017Sat 11th Mar 2017
 Fri 10th Mar 2017Fri 10th Mar 2017
 Sat 4th Mar 2017Sat 4th Mar 2017
 Fri 3rd Mar 2017Fri 3rd Mar 2017
 Sat 25th Feb 2017Sat 25th Feb 2017
 Fri 24th Feb 2017Fri 24th Feb 2017
 Thu 23rd Feb 2017Thu 23rd Feb 2017
 Sat 18th Feb 2017Sat 18th Feb 2017
 Fri 17th Feb 2017Fri 17th Feb 2017
 Sat 11th Feb 2017Sat 11th Feb 2017
 Fri 10th Feb 2017Fri 10th Feb 2017
 Sat 4th Feb 2017Sat 4th Feb 2017
 Fri 3rd Feb 2017Fri 3rd Feb 2017
 Sat 28th Jan 2017Sat 28th Jan 2017
 Fri 27th Jan 2017Fri 27th Jan 2017
 Fri 20th Jan 2017Fri 20th Jan 2017
 Sat 14th Jan 2017Sat 14th Jan 2017
 Fri 13th Jan 2017Fri 13th Jan 2017
 Sun 8th Jan 2017Sun 8th Jan 2017
 Sat 7th Jan 2017Sat 7th Jan 2017
 Fri 6th Jan 2017Fri 6th Jan 2017
 Thu 29th Dec 2016Thu 29th Dec 2016
 Wed 28th Dec 2016Wed 28th Dec 2016
 Fri 23rd Dec 2016Fri 23rd Dec 2016
 Sat 17th Dec 2016Sat 17th Dec 2016
 Sat 10th Dec 2016Sat 10th Dec 2016
 Fri 9th Dec 2016Fri 9th Dec 2016
 Sat 3rd Dec 2016Sat 3rd Dec 2016
 Fri 2nd Dec 2016Fri 2nd Dec 2016
 Sat 26th Nov 2016Sat 26th Nov 2016
 Fri 25th Nov 2016Fri 25th Nov 2016
 Sat 19th Nov 2016Sat 19th Nov 2016
 Fri 18th Nov 2016Fri 18th Nov 2016
 Sat 12th Nov 2016Sat 12th Nov 2016
 Fri 11th Nov 2016Fri 11th Nov 2016
 Sun 6th Nov 2016Sun 6th Nov 2016
 Sat 5th Nov 2016Sat 5th Nov 2016
 Fri 4th Nov 2016Fri 4th Nov 2016
 Sun 30th Oct 2016Sun 30th Oct 2016
 Sat 29th Oct 2016Sat 29th Oct 2016
 Fri 28th Oct 2016Fri 28th Oct 2016
 Sat 22nd Oct 2016Sat 22nd Oct 2016