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I've been DJ for over a decade, starting out at regular decks and turntables, and later converted to digital djing somewhere down the line.


Tue 18 Jan 05 @ 2:58 pm

here is how :
1. Go to the "keyboard shortcut" tab at the control panel of Virtual DJ
2. Press "ADD.."
3. Go to "RYTHM" in the first column
4. Go to "adjust_cbg" in the second column
5. choose the values "default deck" and a value ( in this case -64)
6. Assign it to a keyboard letter THAT IS NOT IN USE for other function (say the letter "N")

now you have a keyboard shortcut for SMALL adjustment for deck playing. It will move towards the left (negative value)

Do the same as above, but choose the value "+64" and asign it to different letter, say "M".
This will make the same function as above, but move small steps to the right (positive value)

This will make to keyboard shortcuts for small adjustments of CBG to fit beats.

The second 2 shortcuts you might wanna have is to adjust the BIG square to be aligned to the first beat of a bar (usually the first beat of a song, or the first beat where the vocal start). Reason being that beatmix with first beat of a bar aligned for both songs will sound ALOT BETTER then mixing without them aligned.

To make this keyboard shortcut, do the same as above, but change the values for :
1. "adjust_cbg4" (this will move the big square from beat to beat, and not small steps)
2. Set the value to -1
3. Assign it to a keyboar letter, say "CTRL+N" (or another letter not in use by other function)

To the same one more time, but choose the values +1, and asign it to a different shortcut (say, "CTRL+M")

Thats it ;) Good luck

Sun 19 Dec 04 @ 1:15 pm

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